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Nicolette has been a devoted student of of Hatha Yoga for ten years. She has her RYT 200 yoga certificate from Cloud Nine Yoga in Hawaii where she was able to go deeper into her yoga practice and now can share this knowledge with her students. She has studied under excellent mentors at Cloud Nine Yoga as well as at Rising Lotus, Dancing Shiva, and In Yoga. She is currently teaching yoga to award winning bodybuilders on the upcoming show, Kings of Iron, as well as to students in all walks of life.

She recently completed a training in advanced yoga psychology at the world famous Esalen Institute in Big Sur where she explored bringing the subconscious shadows of the mind into the light and studied techniques on letting go of what is no longer serving us so true happiness can be found.

Yoga Recovery

Outdoor yoga class with body builders

Nicolette had a few dance based injuries that led her to seek more gentle and healing fitness classes. She found yoga and now pilates and hasn't looked back! She has a deep empathy for those of you who have suffered similar fates. Her goal is to gently help you regain your strength and confidence and most importantly, get you back on track to continuing your personal fitness goals and activities. She offers personalized yoga, pilates, or yogalates sessions for injured performers and athletes. Remember that with injuries, patience is a virtue! 


Nicolette teaches both yoga and pilates at LA Fitness where she has classes of upwards of 25 students. With a background in dance, she continues to be drawn to both yoga and pilates for the restorative and stretch based poses that each practice offers. She has fused both yoga and pilates into her own Yogalates class which has a strong emphasis on mindfulness, core and glute strength, graceful dance based moves, and increased flexibility

woman in exercise clothes practicing yoga on a blue yoga mat


Woman practicing yoga outside with a view of mountains and sunrise. 

YogaDance combines the soft spirituality of Yoga with the grace and exuberance of dance. It has elements of long, held yoga poses with fluid, graceful dance movements added on to enhance each yoga pose and create a fresh approach to the ancient art of yoga. It provides a safe environment which expands on self expression and self awareness. Nicolette has worked with a professional choreographer from Disney who also has a yoga teaching background to create each routine ensuring that they are of the highest quality and that they stay true to both art forms. 

Nicolette has a dance company and along with her dancers, she has performed for numerous companies including Amazon, CNN, Guess, Tiffany and Co, Yahoo!, BBC, Herbalife, Adventures at Sea and at corporate and private events nationwide. Feel free to check out our website at SatinGloveEntertainment.com


YogaSong was created by Nicolette, a professional vocal coach and certified yoga teacher. Her greatest passions in life are music and yoga and she has found a way to fuse the two arts into one beautiful and relaxing class. 

Focusing on breath is a crucial component in both singing and yoga. Relaxation techniques and mindset shifts in yoga allow you to come from a deeper place of support and confidence in a way that deepens your vocal practice. 

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