Nicolette's Approach

Nicolette has over 16 years of training in voice and she offers in-depth knowledge into what it takes for you to succeed in the music business.Check out this quick video to get to know more about Nicolette as your new teacher!

Areas of Instruction

Along with helping you indentify your unique sound in your own songs, these are the main vocal styles that Nicolette will help you develop a polished sound in:

  • Pop

  • Jazz

  • Opera

  • R&B/Blues

  • Musical Theater

  • Modern/Indie Rock

Nicolette sings regularly in these styles so she can help you do the same! Additionally, she will show you how to become a mesmerizing and engaging performer.
Click here to listen to Nicolette's vocal demos in most of these styles:

Click here to listen to one of Nicolette’s pop/r&b students:

Benefits of Coaching

As an artist who has taken private vocal lessons for 20 years, Nicolette is a strong believer that practice and training make perfect. She knows and reminds her students that if someone truly wants a career as a professional singer, they should be training like an Olympic athlete. She does not hold a person who is doing this as a hobby to as high of a standard but she still encourages practice several times a week. She constantly works to improve her craft and through her example, she enthusiastically guides her students to do the same. She has both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Vocal Performance and she uses both classical and pop warmups to give students the best benefits from each style.

Some benefits of weekly vocal coaching include: Building confidence in your craft, finding your unique sound and style as an artist, developing a skill that you can be truly proud of either professionally or as a hobby, song delivery & acting, audition techniques, and even strengthening your core and back muscles.

Voice students practicing together

Nicolette Holman with her vocal student at Mary Poppins Production, 2015

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